How to Program PIC18F4550 with K150 PIC Programmer

By | April 19, 2015

Hello Guys,

Have you ever used K150 PIC programmer with MPLAB IDE? Did you face any issues while programming a PIC microcontroller? Actually, I have faced several issues. So I have decided to write this post to help others.

In this post, I will be discussing the issues caused by k150 PIC programmer while programming PIC microcontroller and its solution. 

PIC-K150 programmer

Recently, I bought PIC K150 programmer. It is one of the low-cost PIC microcontroller programmers that support 10, 12F, 16F 18 series. To test this, I wrote a simple test application using MPLAB v8.33 that can blink an LED interfaced to PIC18F4550 microcontroller.

I have downloaded K150 software from this link,  and extract Folder structure is shown below

PIC K150 software folder structure

In the extracted, microbrn.exe is the programmer software.

Real problem started when I was programming the PIC microcontroller.

What was the issue with K150?

After generating a hex file using MPLAB v8.33 IDE, I loaded it to ‘microbrn’ software. Soon after loading HEX file, a pop window appeared with the below error.

Error in HEX file – FUSE Line 31 :0100000024DB”.

Error in HEX file -FUSE Line 31 :0100000024DB

As per the goolge’s suggestion, I understood that HEX file needs to reformat with ‘fixhex2’ application (which is available in k150 software folder it self (

fixhex2 application

I generated a new HEX from the mplab generated hex file using ‘fixhex2’ and loaded to ‘microbrn’ software. This time, HEX file loaded without any issues, but ‘microbrn’ software didn’t detect fuse bits configured in the test application program. Below fuse bits were configured in my test application.

#pragma config PLLDIV = 5, CPUDIV = OSC1_PLL2, USBDIV = 2
#pragma config FOSC = HS, FCMEN = OFF, IESO = OFF
#pragma config PWRT = OFF, BOR = OFF, VREGEN = OFF
#pragma config WDT = OFF, WDTPS = 32768
#pragma config MCLRE = ON, LPT1OSC = OFF, PBADEN = OFF
#pragma config STVREN = ON, LVP = OFF, ICPRT = OFF, XINST = OFF

But microbrn software was showing different fuse configurations as shown below.

Wrong Fuse Settings

I left with no choice, every time I was changing the fuses manually and programmed the PIC controller. Few days later, I started searching for an alternate solution. After a deep web search, I found that MPLAB IDE  has the solution for this issue.

Compleate Sollution : Flash PIC microcontroller using PIC k150 programmer

To accomplish programming PIC controller, I am explaining a sequence of steps to be followed (Assumed that you have successfully compiled code and generated the HEX file using MPLAB IDE) 

Step 1: After compilation, click on File –> Export. A pop window appears as shown bellow.


Step 2: Click OK.

Step 3: Save as the HEX file with same or different name.

Step 4Connect PIC k150 programmer to the computer.

Step 5Open ‘microbrn‘ software.

Step 6: In ‘microbrn’, click file -> Port and choose COM port.

Step 7: Select Microcontroller variant (Chip Selector). In my case, it is PIC18F4550.

Step 8: Click Load and load the exported HEX file.

Step 9: Click verify to cross check fuses.

In my case :  Fuse configurations are same as my test application Fuses. Check the below image.

Correct Fuse Bits

Step 10: Now, click ‘Program’ to program the PIC microcontroller

So far, I haven’t faced any other issues.

Since, support to this programmer has stopped 10 years ago, it’s not recommended to buy this one.

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7 thoughts on “How to Program PIC18F4550 with K150 PIC Programmer

  1. Tom

    Hi, which version did you use for compiling to HEX and which programmer did you choose there? Thank you

  2. Francesco

    Per risolvere il problema, occorre impostare le opzioni in MPLAB ide X nella generazione del file HEX …

    fare cosi :
    Per far funzionare la sezione fuses, per il pic 150 programmer, sui pic 18F ..
    occorre selezionare il progetto in MPLAB ide X e andare su propieties, usando
    il menu che appare quando ci si clicca sopra con il tasto destro del muse, sezionela voce Buildig a destra
    della finestra che si apre e nella scheda bulding, spuntare e rendere attive le caselle
    “Normalize Hex” e “Insert unprotected checksum in user ID Memory ..”
    E il problema si risolve …

  3. benedito tassa

    eu preciso do softwer de instalaçao do gravador pic k150 e o compilador se puder me ajudar agradeço


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