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8051 interfacing with a buzzer

In this post, let us see the interfacing of a buzzer with 8051 microcontroller.  Buzzer is a signalling device that can able to make buzzing noise on applying voltage.  

8051 LCD Interfacing

LCD is the abbreviation for Liquid-crystal-display. It can able to display characters, numbers, and special characters. LCD is further sub characterized into two types:

How to setup KEIL uVision IDE for 8051 microcontroller

I think, you have decided to develop an 8051 project using KEIL uVision IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Are you searching for a beginners guide to setup KEIL for 8051? Then you are in right place. In this post, I am going to  show the detailed procedure to setup KEIL for 8051 derivatives, compilation and HEX… Read More »

How to Program PIC18F4550 with K150 PIC Programmer

Hello Guys, Have you ever used K150 PIC programmer with MPLAB IDE? Did you face any issues while programming a PIC microcontroller? Actually, I have faced several issues. So I have decided to write this post to help others. In this post, I will be discussing the issues caused by k150 PIC programmer while programming PIC… Read More »

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